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  • RAJruyzcd Osoba: Hana Dvořáková

    Islam has already taken not only the polar riegons into account, but anywhere conceivable.The answer is simpler than what you may think. Polar riegons like Norway, Finland, and Alaska have areas where the sun stays below horizon for several months in winter, and stays above horizon for several months in summer. However, there comes a time in every day when the sun is at its highest point (Noon) and at lowest point (Midnight). At temperate latitudes, the highest point is visible but lowest point is below horizon. But at higher latitudes (Polar region, like Norway, Finland, and Alaska) the highest and lowest point occur below horizon in winter (meaning several months long night), and above horizon in summer when the sun never sets for several months (meaning several months long day). But we can calculate those two points and determine Prayer times around those two known times every day. Having determined the prayer times, the fasting time is already set.

  • YncMtZRkLi Osoba: Hana Dvořáková

    Your post is a timely cniotrbution to the debate

  • tSrm6NTd Osoba: Igor Kocmánek

    I can relate to this. I’m not sure what exactly has been holding me back (fear is the most likely candidate) but I’ve been in waiting mode for too long. This year is about making those thing I want – full-time frilgancene, writing a book, etc – happen. Because I can, if I’d just go ahead and do it. Here’s to being brave and awesome in 2012!