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    Občanské sdružení bojující proti rozkrádání a vydírání, kterým radnice plní svoji pokladnu i kapsy.

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    Lovely question mate! I can't reemmber if this is all of them.Mary Jane Girls All Night Long also on Fever 105 (strong slow bass song)Animotion Obsession also on Wave 103 (upbeat euro about butterflies)Teena Marie Behind The Groove also on Fever 105(Guitar song with Shake your body! )I was also told the private song isZapp and Roger More Bounce to the Ounce also on Wildstyle(weirder song)

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    Dean,I guess the cold didn’t affect you from a sknhriage stand Anyway, good luck this week!!Janice, Good luck with the Space Coast Marathon. My recovery from the relay go well.Spurgeon,Glad to hear your recovery is progressing and that you out there running.. Hope the knees are feeling better..Mike, You are running Philly correct? All the best with that..Vickie, Awesome job! I could never keep up with you!! To all, enjoy the miles.. I’m heading out shortly for a few.. I’ve been inspired by you all and have signed up to run the Cox Rhode Race(Marathon) on May 3rd 2009 in Providence RI.

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    Toto je také poměrně zajímavé :))

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