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  • quJKVgbxROQ Osoba: Hana Baštová

    I searched for a place to do pole ftiness and finally found Pole Sessions, and it actually took me three months to sign up for class. I had tried to get friends to go with me, but they either weren't interested or thought it was ridiculous. When I finally got the nerve to go to the class by myself, I was surprised by how welcoming and friendly everyone was at the studio. Other people taking the class cheered me on, and were really encouraging. Overall the class helps me to feel better about myself, raise my self esteem, and makes me feel beautiful. Plus, it has the added benefit of a really good workout. I encourage anyone afraid to enter the class, whether it's a personal fear or the disapproval of others, to come on in and do it for yourself. You too can be surprised at how much you enjoy it!

  • iUJCqqUqD Osoba: Hana Baštová

    After gaining alot of wehigt i felt my confidence had decreased. When a friend recommended i try pole fitness i laughed at the idea and told her she was mad until she booked a class for us both and made me go. now im in advanced. love pole. love the instructors and the studio thanks pole sessions for turning my life . upside down hehe xxx